Transcripts (by interviewee)

So far we have interviewed the following people and would like to thank each of them for sharing their Granada memories with us. Their full interview appears below in transcript form.

Bruce Anderson, Cameraman

Steve Anderson, Researcher and Producer

Kathy Arundale, Personal Assistant

Mike Beckham, Producer/Director

David Bernstein, son of Lord Bernstein

Brian Blake, Researcher and Producer

David Boulton, Editor

Barry Bowmer, Film Editor

Tony Brill, General Manager

June Buchan, Production Assistant

Gordon Burns, Presenter and Producer

Jules Burns, Manager

Dorothy Byrne, Producer

Roland Coburn, Film and Video Editor

Frank Clarke, Accounts

Maggie Coombes, Designer

Stewart Darby, Photographer

Esther Dean, Costume Designer

Tony Drinkle, Film Despatch

Janice Finch, Researcher and Producer

Derek Granger, Producer

Phil Griffin, Researcher

Eric Harrison, Director

David Highet, Manager

Kim Horton, Film Editor

Daphne Hughes, Production/Technical Support

John Huntley, Presenter and Producer

Trevor Hyett, Presenter

Ian Hunton, Online Editor

Don Jones, Researcher and Producer

Chris Kelly, Presenter

Stephen Kelly, Researcher and Producer

Chris Kerr, Manager

Vanessa Kirkpatrick, Presenter and Researcher

Brian Lapping, Producer

Steve Leahy, Head of Entertainment

Claire Lewis, Reporter and Producer

Ann Lewis, Production Secretary

David Liddiment, Director

Wallen Matthie, Researcher and Producer

Thelma McGough, Researcher

Claudia Milne, Producer

Geoff Moore, Researcher and Producer

Steve Morrison, Programme Controller

Alastair Mutch, Manager

Brian Park, Producer

Norma Percy, Producer

Joan Riley, Production Secretary, Promotions and Press Office

Sandy Ross, Researcher and Producer

Mike Ryan, Producer

Jon Savage, Researcher

Andrew Serraillier, Researcher

Nick Steer, Sound

Arthur Taylor, Producer

Pete Terry, Graphics

George Jesse Turner, Cameraman

Jacki Turner, Production Assistant

Brian Trueman, Presenter

Colin Weston, Announcer

Leslie Woodhead, Producer/Director

Jon Woods, Cameraman and Director