Alastair Mutch remembers Granada board meetings

Well, it was up in room 600, on the sixth floor conference room. They were fairly relaxed affairs. I started going to the meetings when Denis Forman was Chairman. In fact, I well remember my first stab at doing the minutes. I was very conscientious and the system was that he always read the minutes before they were released to make sure they accorded with his view! So, I produced what were evidently quite long minutes. And he called me in and he said, “I can see you’ve got aspirations to be an author.” He said, “I’ll let it go this time, but next time, short.” So, “This was discussed. Next item, this was discussed.” They became a very short note.

Who else was around the table do you remember, at that time?

Well, Joyce Wooller, who was very close to Denis. Barrie Heads, who was in charge of International, Don Harker who was Public Affairs, Andrew Quinn, Harry Coe, who was Finance Director plus non-executive directors. That’s about it.

Mike Scott?

Oh yes. Mike was Head of Programmes. And latterly Tony Brill came on, Steve Morrison, David Liddiment.

And somebody else whose name escapes me, who we did talk to? You see, this is where Jules and Steve and David Liddiment scored. I mean they amalgamated and took over and got bigger and bigger. I don’t know what they sold their business for, but quite a few bob I suspect.

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