And not forgetting North Wales

I should’ve mentioned this before, because it was relevant, at the Granada editorial map, they’d include, to some extent, North Wales. They had a lot of viewers in North Wales because a lot of them were Mancs and Scousers who’d moved out to North Wales. In fact, if you went to  Mold and places like that, you meet people who didn’t really watch HTV. Beyond Llandudno it was completely different, the Welsh speaking.

We had one or two big stories in North Wales during my time, the Towyn floods, and then in ‘89, Anthony Meyer, Sir Anthony Meyer, who was the Clwyd MP, ran as a stalking horse against Mrs Thatcher. He obviously was never going to beat her, but it was a sign of the times. And I covered Sir Anthony Meyer in north Wales because that was part of the Granada editorial map. I have to say, I always used to like that. Occasionally I used to go out as far as Meirionnydd, because it was a guy called Dafydd Elis-Thomas, who was a Welsh… very, very good interview. Yes. He was very media-orientated. I think he went on to have a media career. But of course, with no hope of getting back that day. So you go out with the crew, shoot some stuff, have a nice lunch in a Welsh pub and come back. So it was very good to have that north Wales dimension to our editorial map.

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