Ann Lewis recalls her first impressions on joining Granada

So what was your impression of coming to work for Granada, not having worked in television before?

It was very exciting, it was very exciting the prospect of working in the media. In fact, what I did was I sent applications off to all kinds of places where I thought if I’m going to be a bloody secretary then I might as well be a secretary somewhere interesting. So I wrote to the Guardian, and I wrote to the Mirror Group who were based in Withy Grove there, Maxwell House, and a few others. There were a lot of papers still in Manchester then, didn’t write to the Daily Mail or anything like that. And I wrote to Granada and the BBC and then I got the interview with Granada. But they shortlisted me and it was a right how do you do trying to get in and then I was shortlisted and went in for the second interview and I got it so it was really exciting coming in to what still very new, you know. Television was still very new and the fact that it was local television and what was on the screen in the evening was things that were happening in our area and television seemed to want to report it. Whereas prior to that it was only what went on in the capital really. So anyway going to Granada was really quite an exciting time and people were very, there was a lot of talent, really good talented people there which was nice working alongside those.


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