Anna Ford remembers working on Reports Action

One of the programmes we did was called Reports Action, where they actually advertise children for adoption, but they weren’t the obvious babies. These were teenagers who nobody wanted. They were teenagers with difficult backgrounds who had been in multiple homes, who had got all sorts of problems. And what we did was interview the children, the youngsters, and said, “Why do you want a family? What sort of family would you like? What would you expect life to be like in a family?” Because many of them had no memory of what being in a family was like. And I thought that was a fantastic programme to do. There was a hell of a lot of flack from people saying, “How DARE you advertise children on television for adoption. This is absolutely appalling. This is not how it’s done. It will lead to ruin, it will lead to devastation,” and all sorts of other things. But it was a social brave thing that Granada was willing to do. And they did a lot of other good things in Reports Action as well.

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