Barry Bowmer remembers working with Tony Wilson

I did lots of documentaries, not complete ones but ones to go into other shows etc. Having said that one of them was So it Goes with Tony Wilson, which was a music programme in the Seventies, Eighties was it.

And did Tony get involved?

Yeah. Oh yeah, once we’d got, again that was a fast turnaround and had that on film and he used to come down about, oh I think it was the same morning as it was going out on transmission and we’d put the film part of the programme together and it was always – as in the usual Tony Wilson style – always a rush but, you know, it worked well.

What was he like to work with?

He was fine, he was fine but I mean we got on well as regards, well I did other programmes for him but we got on well doing that. You know, I think we both knew what was needed and it was sort of instant as opposed to having time to cut it around too much because you had to look after the film as it were.

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