Barry Bowmer’s impressions on Granada as a company

So when did you finish at Granada?

1991. When they were cutting back and a good few others had finished when they were 48 and times were changing there and it wasn’t a good feeling, you know, as people were leaving. I mean we’d had the best times in London, at Golden Square, at Chelsea and then up here I appeared to be in the right place at Granada, and the areas – Carnaby Street was just becoming popular as I left Golden Square; Chelsea I think there was one boutique in it when I was there and then moving to Manchester that was having a revival. So inside Granada and outside it was, you know, it seemed good.

So when you finished did you continue being a freelancer?

No. I don’t think I did anything. I was offered a couple of things but it is not really my style to go out looking for work or being involved that way. I was offered a couple of things but decided I didn’t want to continue it. I enjoyed doing it but I wouldn’t have enjoyed going out looking for work or, you know, keeping in touch, networking and all that.

So up until then was Granada a good company to work for?

Up until?

Well, up until the early nineties.

Oh excellent. I mean when you heard from mates and that in London and Manchester eventually, you know, them changing jobs or things happened at different companies, it sounded very like, you know, cocooned and a nice atmosphere and people were generally, well, overall they were good. And I mean I think lots of times in various jobs in television you’re in a room with an editor or a director, producer, PA or even more than that and you are with them sort of 24 hours or more so you know, you more or less had to get on and 99% of the time you did. But seeing conditions outside in various other industries or jobs Granada up until it started changing it seemed, well, I say it seemed, it certainly was very good I’d say and lots of others would say.

Some people have described it as a family.

Yes. Yes it certainly was. It certainly was. It was comfortable. I don’t mean that you could sit around and not do anything but it was comfortable as a family used to be – perhaps they are not so close these days, families but…no, it certainly was, it was good. They looked after you and hopefully we looked after them.

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