Brian Moser’s memories of Denis Forman 

An absolutely extraordinary man. A renaissance man. 


Oh, just a marvellous man. Absolutely marvellous. I’m sure he could be different from being marvellous. If he hadn’t done what he does, or if he didn’t manage to get the film we all wanted to get… but a man of so many parts, that was so extraordinary about him. 

I mean, I was just thinking… I love classical music. My second wife, Marina, was a Colombian opera singer in Latin America, Europe and even in London, at Festival Hall. She wasn’t anything tremendously special. She didn’t have a very powerful voice. Our eldest daughter is also an opera singer. Much better trained, a lot more powerful, but Marina had this marvellous, very clear voice. But Denis became head of Covent Garden, the director of Covent Garden…… So, there was all that side. His love of music… I think he wrote at least one book on Mozart. And he had this… he was a very affable person, if he wanted to be. I think when I first took the roll of photographs for the book which we wrote together, and I, took this roll of photos that were going to go in the book. It was an Italian publisher which published the colour photographs, and it very well. A bit sheet just unrolled in front of him. He said, “Yes, we’ll do it!”

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