Wallen Matthie describes how he joined Granada

Let’s do this chronologically when did you join Granada? I joined Granada in 1981. I was approached initially, I used to work for the BBC on a freelance basis, I did a bit of radio for them. And then the riots took place in the summer of 1981, which I covered for the BBC. As…

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Wallen Matthie describes working on the programme, This Is Your Right

This Is Your Right was a social action programme presented by the infamous Lord Winstanley. It was transmitted each weekday for five minutes and then on a Sunday they had a half hour programme. It was a consumer orientated programme and we had a whole range of advisers who were supporting the programme whether it… Read More

Wallen Matthie describes his memories of Tony Wilson

You mentioned Tony Wilson, what kind of person was Tony? I found Tony to be a fabulous guy, I got on really well with Tony. When I first met Tony, these were people I used to see on TV, it was really strange, I’m a local lad in terms of schooling and the rest of…

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Wallen Matthie talks about the views of the black communities in Manchester and Liverpool towards Granada TV

A lot of people have talked about Granada being really important to the North West, Manchester. What was the view of the black community towards Granada, did it view it with any affection? It’s quite interesting. I felt that the black community in Manchester felt that Granada was one of those companies that they were…

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Wallen Matthie talks about whether there was bullying at Granada

Was there a certain amount of bullying do you think? Oh gosh yes, absolutely there was a certain amount of bullying went on. I mentioned the newsroom earlier on and certainly when I first joined in terms of the producer and the news editor were all females. It was quite interesting that because they were…

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