Chris Kelly on ‘Granada man’

I mean, there’s such a thing as Granada Man. Peter Eckersley wrote this wonderful Guide to Granada Man (and woman), although there were no brackets in those days. And it was pugnacious, and it was left leaning, of course. It was very confident. I mean, if somebody said to you, “What do you see yourself doing in two years?” they wanted you to say, “I want your job.” I didn’t want their job actually, I was very happy doing the job I was doing. So it was very exciting for me, and there was a talented bunch of people around even among the researchers on Scene at 6:30. People like Mark Chivers who went on to be a distinguished director, of course. Or rather, a sort of… he ran a film company, apart from anything else. Barry Cockcroft, who is a very talented journalist, again from Yorkshire. I remember the night of the Aberfan disaster. I was presenting the programme, and Barry had written this incredibly moving script, you know, it was quite difficult to get through it, actually. And all sorts of all sorts of very talented people were there. Arthur Hopcraft, brilliant sports journalist and – well, more than that – playwright… so, yes. So it was buzzing.
And Peter Wildeblood, writes in that (Granada’s First Generation) he thought they got the name wrong; he thought it should have been called Camelot.

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