David Highet on the special atmosphere at Granada’s Liverpool base


I felt I had no especial need to foster a family feeling because the good people we had there were already doing it themselves. The way in which people got on with each other was a great pleasure to see. It may have been something to do, unwittingly, with our recruitment process because as well as looking at technical ability we looked at the kind of people that we were getting. And I think Chris and I, Chris Kerr and I, my fellow manager, were of a common mind with the sort of folk we would feel comfortable working with and dealing with. People with spirit, creativity, individuality, a sense of humour – all qualities which one could admire in folk and all qualities that, by in large, we found that we had in the people in Liverpool. That is not to say that we didn’t have our rows. We had enormous rows from time to time which will happen in any family but as in any family you get over it and you get on with it. So the family feeling of Granada Liverpool did not have to be fostered, it just developed on its own and it remains today, 35 years later, that when we meet we still have that feeling.

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