Derek Granger on the presenters, Mike Scott and Michael Parkinson


One of the great things about Granada was that we were doing all this switching. I mean, it would be unthinkable now that one minute you were doing… and also I did a lot of the news programmes. I did People and Places, which I also liked very much, and then Scene at 6:30, as it became, and I did a stint on both of those. People and Places first, and then Scene at 6:30. At Scene at 6:30, I had a very, very good time on, and I had two marvellous presenters in Mike Scott who was superb and the great Michael Parkinson. And also Peter Eckersley, so I had a great, great trio there. And Scott was extremely good, he had a wonderful sort of natural aptitude for talking to the screen. I mean, you didn’t feel there was anything between you and him at all, and Parkinson was wonderful, and the two of them and of course Eckersley as well was very, very good. I had a very good time at that, I really enjoyed that. Even my old newspaper nous came back into force! But, you know, it was it was fun. It became a much more sophisticated show, Scene at 6:30, but they were very, very enjoyable and I loved that kind of switching about. It was brilliant. And it was all very ordinary in Granada for people to jump about.

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