Eric Harrison compares Granada with the BBC

The beauty of Granada was the fact that it wasn’t just bureaucratic as the BBC; you didn’t work in levels, and they didn’t have a meeting about a meeting about a meeting of shall we do it. In the case of Granada, if we had a good idea, we did it and we did it an hour later, and so on. So in other words, you didn’t feel as if you were being kept down the whole time. And again, I say I, started off on OBs (outside broadcasts), I went into studios and did everything. The only thing I never did, I never did Coronation Street, but I did drama, in other words small stuff, but mostly specialised on OBs and sport and politics. I mean, for instance in Studio 4, which was a little tiny studio, we did drama from there as well. And they did… oh, jeepers, what’s it called… Dial M for Murder, and the set, of course, is one leg in a bed. So that was it. And of course, needless to say it was done almost on the hottest day of the year so everybody was sweating like nothing on earth because you had to have the door closed and so on. And you could see where everybody had been because of the marks on the floor where sweat had dripped off everybody and you could see the trails!

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