Eric Harrison on being in studio on the night that JFK died

The story of that is, the fact that we were due to do a local programme, a musical programme for Johnny Hamp, and my wife, as she eventually became, was a vision mixer as well on it. We were due to do a local programme in Studio 6. We we’re all in the canteen when the tannoy went, “Can the production crew please come to six immediately.” So we went to 6 thinking the place had blown up or something. We were then told that Kennedy had died. And Granada had said the fact they would do a programme every hour, cancel the schedule for transmissions and we’ll do a programme every hour from Studio 6. Now this caused all kinds of problems, one of which is a) getting people in, and getting the material. Being Granada of course, because we weren’t involved in this, we only had one videotape of Kennedy giving one of his speeches, which was in the videotape library. The videotape library, of course, was closed. So the only way I could get into the videotape library was to get a very large screwdriver and wrench, open the door, which we got out, which we used this piece of tape tremendously the whole time. All kinds of people came, they got all kinds of employees from here there and everywhere, sober or otherwise, and we did five 20-minute programmes every hour for the rest of the network. So that’s when Kennedy died.

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