Eric Harrison on directing The Time, The Place from Moscow

The Time, The Place was a programme which Mike Scott presented, and we’d done a The Time, The Place from Strangeways live, in the jail, literally in the jail. We did it from the chapel. And the opening shot as such is we have a camera inside, you see the bars of all the rest of it. And The Time, The Place did a particular subject. And one of them was done with Moscow. In other words, they had a panel in Moscow and a panel in England and they talked, obviously in Russian and English, we had simultaneous translations. And the people they sent over from. Moscow we eventually discovered later were KGB! More so the fact that I was actually offered a job by the man in the KGB to go and direct some programmes in Moscow, which having them find out I’d turned down… but that was that was an interesting programme in the fact that it was the first time we had cooperation live between Moscow and England. Like the first time Granada actually did the first transmission schools programme on early bird. That was the first non-geosynchronous satellite. In other words, you only got pictures for the first 30 minutes because of the curve of the earth. These days all satellites are synchronous – i.e. they stay still. This was non-synchronous, so in other words it was curved. And we did the first transmission for a schools programme, experimental ones, using early bird programmes we were making on computers. And that was the first time I had actually had to work with anything satellite-wise.

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