Eric Harrison on GTV’s brief coverage of croquet

Croquet was an idea of David Plowright’s. He got it into his head that the grass, which was in front of Granada, which eventually they built a studio on, would be nice as a croquet lawn. So everybody was saying, “Yes, great idea, David.” And he said, “And we’re going to televise croquet.” Silence. “And you’re doing it,” he said to me. So I said, “I know nothing about croquet!” he said, “You will – I’m sending you off to Cheltenham, where the Cheltenham Ladies’ College has a great croquet lawn, and you’re going to be taught.” So I went off to Cheltenham, where I learnt how to play croquet. So we built a croquet lawn in front of Granada, and televised it – and it was very successful! The commentator, of all people, was a bloke who used to do the horse… bedding odds for racing. Lord… can’t remember. And they were world-class croquet players. But as I say, talk about the… you had to be very careful with commentary, because you can imagine it: “He is about to hit somebody’s red ball,” and so on. But that was an experience and a half. We only ever did it once. They then decided to build a studio on the same piece of grass, and that was it. But that was a great excitement.

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