Eric Harrison recalls GTV’s opening night in 1956

When Granada when on the air in May of ’56, was it, one outside broadcast unit went to Liverpool to do boxing, and ours was stripped and put into what was then Studio 1, which became Studio 2, as set dressing, where myself and Eric Prytherch and what have you sat by the side of the wall and watch the opening with the well-known American who got himself stoned out of his tree, and did the introduction to Granada going on the air. And Peter Mullings tells the story of him, walking him up and down the corridor with black coffee trying to get him sober, which eventually near enough got him sober for transmission. Then the following day our unit went out to Barton Bridge to do a programme on how Barton Bridge worked. And every day, each unit had to do at least one programme. The reason for this was money, which we discovered later. We were just filling air-time. I mean, we got some interesting programmes out of it, but it was… to make money, to make air-time, whereby they could have more time for commercials in the evening

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