George Turner on getting the call to work on World in Action

So I got a call just towards the end of December in ’68 when I was still operating on Big Breadwinner Hog and saying that the cameraman who had been on World in Action, which was Ray Goode, had had enough. Because I’d been involved in the Grosvenor Square demonstration, one of six crews, and happened to fortunately be in the right time in Grosvenor Square when the major riot took place, three of the World in Action producers went to Bill Lloyd and said, “We think George should be given the chance.” You, know, he seems to be able to do it.

Bill, god bless him, said to me, “Right, you’ve got three months to prove yourself and if you don’t, you’re back to being a camera assistant” or something like that. So anyway, by January of ’69, by the tender age of not quite 24, I was given the chance to be the main cameraman in the World in Action programme. And the rest of it, they say, is history.

The World In Action programme that covered the Grosvenor Square demonstration in 1968 can be seen here.



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