George Turner sums up his work on World In Action

I probably worked on about 800 World in Actions out of the 1500 they made, of which I think I can honestly say I did in excess of 600 of them all myself. That doesn’t sounds much over 30 years but you know, it’s kind of 20 every year out of a run of 40. There’d be some programmes where I might only do half. Some I might do just an interview in. But I think it’s fair to say at least 600 where I did it all. So the subjects were huge. We did things about railway disasters, we did things about thalidomide. I think what it did do, and I’ve often said this, I think I know a lot about different subjects, but not too much. So I’m not an authority about the National Health, I’m not an authority on how MPs behave – although most of them badly – it’s just given me a wonderful insight into how the world was been in probably 35 years of my life.

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