Glenda Wood’s impressions of Sidney Bernstein and Denis Forman

Did you ever have any contact with Denis Forman or the Bernsteins?

Yes. yes. I remember one night… we used to do What the Papers Say live at about 11pm, and I was sitting in the make-up room, waiting for whoever was doing What the Papers Say, and Bernstein came in. And he used to wear an overall, you know? I think it was to make him look less obvious, though nobody else in the building wore an overall. I think it was a brown one he used to wear. And he came in the make-up room and looked around, and the lights were all on, and he said, “Why are all the lights on in here?” I said, “Because I’m working in here.” He said, “There’s too many lights on!” and he switched them all off, and I was left with my one little mirror light, and I thought, “That electrician’s a cheeky bugger,” and I realised it was him, saving electricity!

Did you ever meet Denis Forman?

Yes, frequently!

What kind of impression did he have on you? He was nice, he was very nice. You see, all of them were nice to you. I don’t know what they did in the boardroom, whether they were bawling and shouting at each other, I don’t know, but they were always very nice to us.

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