Granada’s left-wing politics

The Bernsteins were businessmen who rented out television sets. And yet, there was this wonderful socialism which, given that we were growing out of the dull fifties where people were still touching their caps, and the establishment was still in charge. And you had MacMillan saying, “I don’t know what young people get up to these days,” when Profumo was going… and so we were moving in the 60s, and then in the 70s. And it’s very hard to explain to my daughters, who are in their 30s, and one has turned 40, what it was like then. Because it would be an unknown world to them. It was very chauvinistic, quite misogynistic, racist, sexist, and yet the company was socialist. Your friend Bob Greaves was quite an old sex pot, really. As was Mike Scott, and there were men in the company who used to sit around with their feet on their desk saying, “Well, I’ve had her. Haven’t had her yet, but like her tits. I’d give her five out of 10.” That sort of conversation was normal. And therefore, as a woman, you just thought, “How boring, but that’s what they’re like.” You would never have taken them to court at all.

But I do remember somebody saying about my friend, one of my friends who was a woman, “Oh, we employed her because of her tits.” And I thought, “Oh, God, this is so depressing.” Now they wouldn’t have employed me because of my tits, because they weren’t in the same category, so maybe they were thinking of something else. I have no idea. I don’t know. I don’t know. But I didn’t suffer from that.

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