Jacki Turner on working with the footballer, Kenny Dalglish

Scully was a six part series about a Liverpool schoolboy called Scully who was obsessed by Liverpool Football Club and its star Kenny Dalglish. We filmed most of it around Manchester in the middle of winter and one night I was asked to travel with Kenny in his car to make sure he knew how to get to location. We stopped for petrol, which was attendant-served, he recognised Kenny and then looked at the “bird” with him. As it was a night shoot I was wearing a huge anorak and woolly hat – not very glamorous! We filmed at Liverpool’s ground during the week, firstly inside the dressing room and then the team leaving down the tunnel and touching the famous Kop sign. I made a continuity error, very innocently I plea, because as they raced onto the pitch they were carrying their practice balls. When we picked them on the match day they were carrying different coloured match balls. I’d checked that they came down the tunnel in the same order as we’d shot previously but never realised they’d be carrying differently coloured balls. This sequence formed part of the opening titles so I had to watch this error go out at the beginning of each episode. On the brighter side, I had an amusing time in the dressing room as the players went through the motions of putting on their boots as if for a match. Unfortunately or fortunately they weren’t wearing a box under their shorts and as they lifted their feet to put on their boots their “jewels” were on show. Cut shouted the director, Les Chatfield. Within each episode Scully had images of Kenny in different situations and one day we dressed him up as a fairy godmother. Kenny was such a good sport and went along with everything we threw at him.


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