Janice Finch on the importance of Granada TV to the North West

It was such a big deal, the Beatles being there. (in 1963) You did feel, you really did feel at the time that the North and the North West was on its way and Granada was all part of that. 

Did you see Granada as being important to the North West?

Yes, you saw that sign, it was so proudly emblazoned over the cityscape of Manchester. You could see it from St Peter’s Square. You looked down Quay Street you could see the tower. Again somebody told me that in fact that tower and radio mast had not been put up in the place where it was more effective as a radio mast but so that it would dominate the street and that people looking down from St Peter’s Square could see Granada and its tower. Apparently it was there for PR, not because it was a good radio mast. I don’t know whether that’s true or not.

You really did feel that it was an integral part of the city and the North West. I can only really speak about it from a Manchester perspective. Also ‘Coronation Street’ of course was anchored in that very area too and that was seen all over the world. Again it was Granada building on its own area and growing out of where it was rather than bringing things in from outside. It was absolutely key to being in the North West.


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