Janice Finch talks about being a woman working in television

I guess I’ve never ever considered whether or not my gender would hold me back. It never entered into it. Television, compared with other walks of life, has never felt to me like an area in which women couldn’t get ahead.

In the time I worked there we had a director of programmes, Andrea Wonfor, and there were women in senior roles in management; finance. By the time I worked on ‘World in Action’ there were a few other women producers working there. By the time I worked there full-time I would say 50% of the team were female. I think that had a lot to do with Nick Hayes’ time as editor when he recruited quite a few women.

It was indicative of the way in which television was moving. There were female presenters; the first person I worked with on screen was Shelley Rohde who was a wonderful professional. I can’t speak about other television companies but I felt at Granada that being a woman certainly wasn’t going to hold me back.


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