John talks about some of the highlights of his Granada career

Highlights of my career, I suppose the Lawrence Olivier plays, there were six, and each camera crew got one play. That was a time when there were six crews, and there were seven people on each crew, we had 42 people in the camera department. I think there are four permanent jobs now at Granada. Our crew got Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Natalie Wood and Laurence Olivier, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Coronation Street has always been a pleasure to work on either as a cameraman or an LD, and This Morning was professionally demanding five days a week, live TV for over 40 weeks a year. You never knew what was going to happen. I’ve got some lovely stories going back a long way. Michael Parkinson presenting Cinema, again another pleasure to work with, and how he remembered everybody’s name, I don’t know. Michael Parkinson used to know every member of the crew’s name. Whoever he asked before he came in the studio, I don’t know. Michael Scott didn’t, Michael was a great guy, but he never called the crew by their first names, but Michael Parkinson always did. I worked on many programmes also that were superb, many to mention, but Return Of the Antelope and Brass stand out as two programmes that received little recognition, but were superbly written and produced.

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