Jules Burns on his role as managing director


During the 90s you were joint managing director?

Well, I was joint managing director of Granada, and then I was joint managing director with Andrea (Wonfor) of Granada Group Production. Who was by then we bought London Weekend, we bought Yorkshire Time Tees, and the Southern franchise and were integrating. If you’ll remember, what we did was we created a production business and broadcasting business, and Steve, essentially, run the production business, and I run the production business with Andrea Wonfor so that was through the 90s. Then Steve (Morrison) became the chief executive of Granada when they separated it from hotels, and all the other bits and pieces and separated it as its own PLC. Steve became the chief executive and I became the managing director of operations of the Group.

A demanding job with lots of aspects to it, around the country.

Yes. Lots of sights. Lots of different political environments.

Did you enjoy it?

No. I enjoyed running production. I didn’t enjoy running operations across the group.

What did that involve, running production? Were you making sure that the…

Essentially Andrea was the creative side of it, of course. She was driving it, and my role was to run the business and the management side of it. So, it was distribution, production, and the studio business.

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