Maggie Coombes on the social side of working on a drama

 To start with, probably because I was the only woman in a very male environment, I don’t think the social bit was as important – I was sort of take up with the job to start with – and I think too, as I say, I worked with mainly men, and I think it was more when I became more senior, and I had more to do with directors and producers and actors, that the social side of it became… and I just got to know other people in other areas, the longer I was there, I suppose.

And it must be accentuated in drama, but if you go away and you’re filming, it’s almost like a little bubble, because you’re working away?

Yes. It is, yes. Very much so. And people would obviously rush home, when they did have a day off, or a day and a half off, or if, like me, you had a boyfriend who would fly up the motorway, and if you were perhaps up, say, in the lakes, like working on the Ken Russell thing, I rented a cottage for the period and my boyfriend would come up there. But yes, I think we became like a family unit when you’re working like that on location.

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