Priscilla John on why she thought Granada was a left-wing company

We were a very left-wing company. 

Tell me about that. Because obviously, people have said that, particularly when we’ve talked to people who’ve been involved in World in Action or political programmes, but it’s interesting what you’re saying, it infused into drama as well. 

Yes, most definitely. We were all left-wing. We were all Labour voters. It was in our DNA. My father was Labour, and he was a theatre man. But you didn’t talk about politics, because you never knew. And a lot of the people that he worked with certainly were not Labour voters, but it was a great relief… and just because I speak with a straight accent, doesn’t mean to say I vote Conservative. That wasn’t the case at all up there. So that was lovely. I have to say, it took me about a year to get my feet under the table. And that was a piece of advice my father gave me. “Do not open your mouth for a year. Do not offer your opinion for one year. You listen.” And I did that. Northerners, with people coming up from the south, you know, they’re not going to stay long. In fact, they made me sign a contract that I wouldn’t want to go back to London for a year. Because they paid in those days for you to move, a relocation allowance, so they were going to invest it. And I was quite happy to do that, because I wanted a change. I wanted to get on, I knew I wanted to get on, and this was the way to do it. And I knew everybody, so it was a gift. They did promote from within. But the politics was – and don’t forget, we went through the referendum to stay in the European Union, and the Bernsteins wrote, I’m sure it was the Bernsteins, it wasn’t Plowright, it wasn’t Forman… maybe it was Plowright as well. There were only 380 of us at the time, but they wrote and said, “You, of course, are free to vote whichever way you want, but we just want you to know how we see the future.” And it looked pretty bright. And we all wanted to stay in anyway. I don’t I can’t remember there being any huge arguments about that, because we wanted to travel, we wanted to make films, and do product over there. And that’s what they said we would be doing. And in fact, that’s exactly what we did. So we all voted to stay.

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