Stephen Kelly remembers working on the Reports Politics programme


So, I worked on that for a few weeks and then I joined the local politics programme which was called Reports Politics. You see a similarity here using the work Reports because all the regional programmes had the word ‘Reports’ attached to them, well most of them. So Reports Politics was the Monday night half hour political programme which went out at 10.30pm because that was a regional opt out after the ITN news. It was a good programme. It lasted for half an hour and was a mix of film and studio. You could have 26 minutes studio, 26 minutes film or mostly we would do a bit of both, maybe a 14 or 15 minutes film and then studio.

It was produced by two people. One was Gordon Burns who was also the presenter and he also presented the Krypton Factor. Gordon presented the Krypton Factor but he also produced and presented this programme. His co-producer was a man called David Kemp. Kemp was also Granada’s political correspondent and lived in London. …

I probably spent about a year working on Reports Politics which was good fun; I enjoyed it. There were interesting people who worked on it. One of them was Andy Harries. Andy is now a very famous film producer and won an Oscar; he produced the film The Queen. He also bought and produced the Gary Lineker play, An Evening With Gary Lineker which later became a film. He saw the play and bought it up. We had great fun with Andy, he was a good laugh. And a girl called Clarissa Hyman, Clarissa is now a very well known food writer.

I enjoyed it in the main working on that programme. Kemp was a difficult man but he was also a very cultured man; he could be great fun to work with but he could equally be not much fun to work with. He was very cultured, very bright. He had worked with the Labour Party in their press office at one point. He knew politics inside out, he knew the history of the Labour Party and he was the brother of Sir Arnold Kemp who was the editor of the Glasgow Herald and he was the son of George (correction Robert) Kemp, the famous Scottish playwright who had founded the Edinburgh Traverse Theatre and had written a number of famous plays including one called the Three Quaires.


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