Steve Anderson on the glamour of Coronation Street

I was fascinated by them. I mean, all the Coronation Street… I remember taking my parents around Coronation Street, one weekend. It was funny because, talk about crossing the line, that sort of added to this totally different world really. Even when I was a newspaper reporter, at least I was covering my local patch. My dad was a pipe fitter. My mum was a school dinner lady. There was no media in my family at all. It was always a bit glamorous that I was working on the local paper. To suddenly be at Granada Television, it was like you’ve won the Pools, you know. And the fact that I can say, “I was in the lift with Miss Nugent today!” “I was in the canteen and Albert Tatlock was there.” My parents, you could almost feel that they’re not quite believing you, you know. It meant I just entered a different world. Already, I’d moved away from a lot of my friends at school. Because I was living a different life to them anyway. But this was it. This was a totally different world I was going into.


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