Stephen Kelly remembers the Granada boards

They did. I mean, I’ve been very critical of these boards, because you saw it the whole way through the Granada process, is that it’s very Oxbridge. And there was a lot of bullying went on in the board, and people trying to impress other people on the board rather than really focusing on the interviewee sometimes. So there’s half a dozen people in the executive committee room, interviewing me, I can’t remember who they all are. Certainly Steve Morrison was one of them. I think Gus MacDonald might have been one, I don’t know. But another one was Brian Lapping. And then part way through the interview, Brian Lapping asks me, “If you were producing Granada Reports…” By this stage he was making me producer of Granada Reports before I’d even got a job as a researcher! “If you were producing Granada Reports tonight and the Queen died, what would you do? What would you say? What would you put on the programme?” And everybody looked at Brian Lapping and burst out laughing and said, “Sorry, Brian, he wouldn’t have any option, because if that happened it would all go down to network control. Granada wouldn’t be doing anything.” And Brian Lapping said, “Oh, I didn’t know that.” “You didn’t know that!” There was much hilarity about that. Anyhow, I then got a call from someone in Granada to say Mike Scott hadn’t been at the board. “They want you but Mike Scott would like to see you as well.” Fortunately, Mike Scott was in London – he had an office in Golden Square. “So would you go and see Mike Scott and have a chat with him?” So I went to see Mike Scott, had a chat with him. And then, I think a few days later, I got a formal notification from Granada that yes, I had got the job. And I could I start on whatever day it was, in July 1978.

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