Stephen Kelly on Granada as a left-wing company

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Granada was a left-leaning company. There was no doubt – I mean, Sidney Bernstein took the Labour whip when he became Lord Bernstein. After the 1979 General Election when the Labour Party got wiped out, Granada employed Brian Sedgemore, Labour MP, Jack Straw, who’d been MP for Blackburn, and Margaret Beckett, who had been Labour MP for Lincoln, and Chris Mullin as well, but more on a freelance basis with Chris. Brian, Margaret and Jack were all permanent employees of Granada. So, yes, there’s no doubt everybody was left-wing. They did at one point try to have some balance, and they employed somebody from the Conservative Party research office, a woman. She got hounded out. I mean, she lasted about nine months because there was always a nine-month probationary period for researchers, you had to be on your best behaviour for nine months and really work hard, otherwise you didn’t get offered the full time contract. And she didn’t get offered. She did not get a full-time contract. But yes, it was undoubtedly a left-wing company. We can talk more about that later.

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