John Huntley on how he brought Richard and Judy together!

Of course, my biggest claim to fame is I am the person responsible for Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan getting together.


I applied for a producer’s board, didn’t get it, then there was another one, and this would be in January/February 1982. I was presenting Granada Reports with Judy Finnigan – she and I were the main presenters at the time; Bob was off doing other stuff, and he had fallen out with Stuart Prebble, another producer. So Bob was doing that programme for Jim Walker, Reports Action, with Joan Bakewell. Anyway, so Judy Finnigan and I were the presenters, and I had got this producer’s board, Rob Caird was the editor at the time, so they had to find another presenter because I was becoming a producer. So they got this bloke called Richard Madeley, who was a presenter/reporter for Yorkshire Television at the time. The rest is history! So if it hadn’t been for me they’d never have met. So when they were on This is Your Life I half expected the phone call, but it never came! They’d probably forgotten, but that’s actually what happened.

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