Tony Wilson

Tony WIlson & Bob GreavesTony Wilson, later calling himself Anthony Wilson and then Anthony H Wilson, was a much loved presenter at Granada. He joined the company in the early 1970s after graduating from Cambridge. He was Salford born and was a dynamic supporter of everything to do with both Salford and Manchester. He could be exasperating as a presenter, particularly for those working with him, but he always triumphed in the end. He was innovative, inspiring and professional. Whilst working at Granada he formed Factory Records, opened the Hacienda club, gave early tv appearances to the Sex Pistols, boasted of having made a fortune in record deals and then having lost it. He would come into the office with a saddle bag slung across his shoulder, write his script, casually stroll down to the studio and give an exhilarating performance. He had a presence onscreen and since his premature death in August 2007 has become an iconic figure in the story of modern Manchester.

In these extracts he is fondly remembered by those who worked closely with him.

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