Programme links.

Below are links to a range of Granada programmes. They are all taken from YouTube

Jerry Lee Lewis.

Little Richard.

Blues Train.

Johnny Cash at San Quentin.

First Coronation Street.

Brideshead Revisited.

Granada history.

Lots more on YouTube. Just search Granada TV .



This is a brief list of books that cover the years and experiences of Granada Television. If there are others please let us know so that they can be added.

Byron, Valerie, No Ordinary Woman, 2012

Cherry, Simon, ITV, The People’s Channel, 2005

Finch, John, Granada Television, The First Generation, 2003

Fitzwalter, Ray, The Dream That Died, 2008,

Forman, Dennis: Persona Granada, 1997

Hamp, Johnnie, It Beats Working For A Living, 2008

Johnson, Catherine and Turnock, Rob, Independent Television Over Fifty Years, 2005

Kay, Graeme, LIfe In The Street, 1991

Kelly, Stephen and Jones, Judith, Forty Years of Coronation Street, 2000

Kershaw, H.V., The Street Where I Live, 1981

Kilborn, Richard, Television Soaps, 1992

Little, Daran, Around The Coronation Street Houses, 1997

Little, Daran, The Women of Coronation Street, 1998

Moran, Joe, Armchair Nation, 2013

Phoenix, Pat, All My Burning Bridges, 1974

Podmore, Bill, Coronation Street, The Inside Story, 1990

Roache, William, Ken And Me, 1993

Winter, Gordon, Here We Were, 1984