Wallen Matthie describes some of the range of regional programmes he worked on.

Can you remember any of the other programmes you worked on?

Yes, I worked on – as a researcher you moved in and out of programmes – in terms of regionals at the time Granada Reports was quite a big production. At one stage we had offices in Liverpool, and Granada Reports was being presented from Liverpool, so you were going between the two. In fact at one time there was a split presentation, so you had Bob Greaves in Manchester and then you would have Roger Blythe perhaps in Liverpool. Between Exchange Flags in Liverpool and Quay Street in Manchester.

There was Live From Two which was a programme presented by Shelley Rhodhe. I did that for a while. I did a number of training programmes, documentary type programmes. I did a whole range of stuff, I can’t remember. I can recall doing a piece for Exchange Flags, at the time when I was in Liverpool. We did a whole range of stuff I was at Granada from 1981 until I left in 1997. Apart from TIYR I worked on All Our Yesterdays for maybe a year and a half, two years. I also worked on Job Watch.

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