Wallen Matthie describes the support that Granada offered its employees

At my interview one of the things that was said to me was that you were entering into this family. And it was a family. I did feel that. People were really supportive. You could go to most of the senior people, producers. The fact that it wasn’t Mr Plowright, it was David, and he was chief executive at the time, or Mike. You know it was fantastic. Even the head of regional programmes whether it was Stuart Prebble it was Stuart, it was Wallen.

I got the sense that I was in a real family and that if I had any problems I could share it with people. For me, and not just for myself, but how they dealt with other researchers who had difficulties in their own life was a testament to the company who were really supportive. One of our researchers who died had been involved with drugs and the company in terms of some of the senior people at the time were exceptional and I thought, you know, you’re working for a good company. You had all the support, you had the nurses, so most people didn’t have to go to their GPs, just go and see the nurses. And the stuff that you could do with the company, it was just fantastic. Great pension scheme and if people were off ill. I remember working with one producer who had a real drink problem and he began with the company way back in 1962 when the Bernsteins were involved and he had a real problem with drink and the company sent him away to Switzerland for three weeks to a rehab centre. Which company is going to do that for you now? It was really good.

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