Wallen Matthie describes working on the programme, This Is Your Right

This Is Your Right was a social action programme presented by the infamous Lord Winstanley. It was transmitted each weekday for five minutes and then on a Sunday they had a half hour programme. It was a consumer orientated programme and we had a whole range of advisers who were supporting the programme whether it was to do with benefits or whatever. It was about people’s rights and what you can and can’t do. It was very successful. There was a huge team behind it. We had people writing in so those advisers – we had about 12 advisers working with us – and they would answer individual letters and we did the programme about some of the issues that were raised. It was a really good programme. Marjorie Giles was my producer at the time and it was fantastic. Just one researcher and we had directors coming in and out. Both the documentary programmes we presented on a Sunday and also the five-minute programme in studio with Lord Winstanley and a guest at that time. They produced a piece to camera. It was good.

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