Leslie Woodhead joined Granada Television in 1962 after Cambridge and national service. 

He began as a researcher on local programmes and was responsible for making the first and only film footage ever made of the Beatles in the Cavern.

He later joined World In Action, breaking new ground with the filming of the anti Vietnam War demonstration in Grosvenor Square in November 1968. He also directed the Stones in the Park for WIA when the Rolling Stones gave a free concert in London’s Hyde Park.

He later became editor of World In Action, a role he didn’t particularly enjoy and after a short while decided to return to filmmaking.

During the 1980s he helped perfect the drama documentary making films about political issues in the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc.

Leslie also worked on Disappearing World before leaving Granada in 1989.

He still freelances, and claims that he is one of the oldest directors still working in British television.

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