John Huntley on the privilege of working for Granada

Television was a career in those days that a lot of people aspired to. I’m not so sure it is now, but people really wanted to get in, and a lot of people were given an opportunity. As I say, you could move wherever you wanted. There was one stage where I nearly became a producer on Coronation Street because I’d had a drama background – but the very fact that that was entertained was extraordinary really. And the same for the technical people as well, the editors, the film crews, the PAs – they worked on all of these programmes, from the sort of This is Your Right to Brideshead Revisited. I mean, that must have been extraordinary – well, it was extraordinary. I think the other thing that people forget, Granada Television is the only UK TV station that’s got a name that’s not relevant to the region. The town in Spain, which is what they named it after, is hardly anything to do with Blackpool or Barnoldswick. And people called themselves, you would meet people out of the region, where do you come from, where do you live, “I live in Granadaland.” And that’s amazing really. And to be part of that – which we were, at its best – I think is… I suppose hindsight and all of that – but it was extraordinary. Very privileged, really.

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